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- If you are paying for patch attachment, please let us know where you would like your patches placed.

- Note: All patches must be purchased SEPARATELY! The $5 attachment fee does not include the patches. It only covers the cost of attachment.


How do I purchase patches to go on my bag?

- Patches must be purchased separately. They are listed on my shop. We sell 2" or 2.5" sizes.


Will you attach my patches for me?

- We do offer patch attachment for an additional $5 fee (per bag). You must leave us a note at checkout with specific patch placement.

Please note: If you want us to attach your patches, your order may take up to an additional week to ship.


How do I attach my patches myself?

ADHESIVE PATCHES: If you purchase the 2.5" adhesive patches, you just peel off the backing like a sticker and place them on your bag!


IRON-ON PATCHES: If you are attaching iron-on patches to one of our nylon pouches, you will need to flip the bag inside out and iron the letters on, as the nylon material on the front of the bag may melt.